During World War II, the United States decided that they were going to can water in order to ease shipment to the troops. They also found that the canned water wouldn’t spoil and could easily get to the location without a quick expiration date. The practice then spread to other sectors of the industry.


In fact, the Civil Defense Museum alone, produced over 240 million gallons of canned or barrelled water in1967.



Canned Water


1. Long shelf-life. Canned water lasts for a long time. While with some containers you have to empty and refill every year or so, you won’t have to refill canned water and it has a shelf-life of 30 years. Can’t really beat that.


Another cool thing about canned water’s shelf-life is that it’s not effected by temperature. While some food storage items’ shelf-life decreases with heat, the water’s shelf-life is not effected. In fact, Stevens Ecology has found that canned water that was made in the ‘50s was still safe to drink nearly 60 years later.


2. It’s ready to drink. While you might have to filter or purify a local water supply, canned water is ready to drink - no harmful bacteria or microbes in your canned water.


3. Small amounts of water. If you need water on the go, it is easier to take a small amount in stead of a 50 gallon water tank. The can allows you to take as much water as you need on the go.

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